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Hobbes&Sushi Translations avails itself of experienced professional translators, translating into their native language: the only guarantee to produce the high quality texts that professionals demand.

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Hobbes & Sushi Translations is a leading provider of professional language and translation services. We service multinational companies as well as small and medium sized organisations and individuals in the UK and abroad.

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Translation Services


Some translated texts need to be certified. Once certified, they become authentic or authoritative, can be legally binding and recognised by several institutions or public authorities. We can provide certified translations for most languages.

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In our age of globalisation and multilingualism, there is an increase demand for legal translations. From international trade law to banking law, from criminal law to law of procedure, you can be sure our team of legal translators will deal with your texts in a competent and professional way.

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Whether you work for a bank wanting to sell shares or bonds abroad, or whether your multinational company wishes to publish its accounts in several languages or circulate a multilingual bulletin covering your company policies, you can overcome language barriers with the help of our team of translators specialised in economics, finance and banking.

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Choose our translation and transcreation services to grow your brand in foreign markets and expand your global marketing reach.
Get that message across to people from a different cultural background. Avoid mistranslations or meaningless or inappropriate campaigns when selling your products or services abroad.

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Manufacturing is often a cross-continental, multilingual, multicultural, multinational, global business. Well written product manuals, labels, packaging and websites are vital to consumers who have purchased or may purchase your manufactured goods. Trust our professionalism to produce professional texts for your industry.

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IT has revolutionized our lives. The Internet reaches every culture and every language. In order to prospect and sell your products or services, you need to adapt your site to your target audience – wherever it is. If your company itself is in the IT industry, choose our team of IT translators, who know and can solve all the challenges of localization.

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If you need to certify a translation, we will translate your documents and give you a certification, stamped and signed by a certified translator, on headed paper, certifying that the document is a true translation of the original.

We can also have a document translated and certified by a professional translator, legalised by a British notary public and then apostilled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

We also provide “sworn” translations at Italian Courts of Justice.

Certified and/or notarised translation are typically used for these kinds of documents:

Personal documents - School & University certificates; Birth, Death and Marriage certificates; Divorce decrees, Wills.
Company documents - Agreements, Articles of Associations, Memoranda of Associations, Accounts, Income statements, Balance sheets, Certificates of incorporation.

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CPD courses

Courses for universities and translation companies

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for universities and translation companies

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses have been organised by Dr Davide De Leo for the City University in London and for some translation companies and can be tailored to the needs of your institution/company.

They are designed for translators (who do not count financial or legal translation among their specialities), translation students, linguists and anyone wishing to learn about of financial and/or legal translation.

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Group and one-to-one CPD courses

Group and one-to-one Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses on Legal and/or Financial Translation (also by Skype)

The course can target:

  • Professional translators who are not specialised in Financial/Legal translation
  • Translation students
  • Young translators at the beginning of their career
  • No previous knowledge of finance or law is required.
  • Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

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