Group and one-to-one Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses on Legal and/or Financial Translation (also by Skype)

Group and one-to-one courses

Dr Davide De Leo organises innovative Financial Translation/Legal Translation Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses (also by Skype).
Main characteristics of a typical CPD course:

  • Length: 1 week / 2 weeks or over one/several weekends
  • Financial and/or legal concepts are explained through source text analysis
  • Students translate a text (containing the same concepts previously explained) and are given feedback in a two-hour workshop.
  • Many language combinations can be offered.
  • Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
  • No previous knowledge of finance or law is required.
  • The course can target:
    • Professional translators who are not specialised in Financial/Legal translation
    • Translation students
    • Young translators at the beginning of their career
  • The course can also be limited to the text analysis

    For example, a typical one-week course on Financial Translation held at the City University every year covers the following subjects: bonds, inflation, foreign exchange, shares, the stock exchange, hedge funds and derivatives. A Legal Translation course includes “modules” on contracts, litigation, company law, property law, civil and criminal procedure and an introduction to legal translation studies.
    Each day begins with a two-hour interactive lecture (which can be given in English, French or Italian) during which students learn about financial/legal concepts through source text analysis. This is the “innovative” perspective of this course: the financial/legal concepts are not explained theoretically as in a typical academic lesson, but they are found/extracted from within a text. Not only is this a way to explain financial concepts, but it is also useful to show students how to analyse a source text for translation purposes.
    Students are then given a translation task which they complete in the early afternoon (on the same subject explained in the morning) which is then discussed in a two-hour workshop at the end of each day. Many different language combinations are offered. Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. No previous knowledge of finance and/or law is required. The course can also be limited to the text analysis.

Dr Davide De Leo has been a professional translator since 1991. He specialises in economic, financial and legal texts. He holds a Degree in Translation from the University of Geneva (Ecole de Traduction et d’Interprétation) and a PhD on the Translation of judgments from the University of Surrey. He teaches specialised (economic-financial) translation and Understanding your source text workshops at the University of Surrey and taught legal translation at City University, London from 2011-13. He is a certified translator (ITI) in the UK, is enrolled in the List of translators at the Italian Consulate in London and is a sworn translator at the Milan Courts of Justice.

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